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Dominion Tape and Reeling
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Dear Valued Customer,
Dominion Taping and Reeling is a full service electronics packaging and manufacturing business located in Richmond VA. We specialize in two main areas of the electronics industry: packaging on tape and reel of Axial Components, Surface Mount IC's, Chips, Connectors, Metal Stampings, etc, and the manufacturing of customer carrier tapes.
We are committed to four operational priorities that are of vital importance in the electronics industry:
PRICING: I believe our prices are at or below the market.
QUALITY: Our inspection and testing always meets or exceeds EIA standards. Nothing less is acceptable.
TURN AROUND: Normally three days or less. If you are in a bind, call us. If it's possible, we'll get it done!
DELIVERY: We will tailor delivery to your needs. We would be happy to drop ship directly to your customer.
Our sole purpose at DTR is to cater our services to your needs. We would also love to discuss your needs in other areas such as component baking, custom packaging etc. If you have work you would like to outsource, please give us a call today. I look forward to working with you.
Thomas X. Beatty, President
Dominion Taping & Reeling 3930 Castle Rock Road Unit D Midlothian, VA 23112 Toll Phone: 804-763-2700 Fax: 804-763-2800